Our Objectives

  • To provide health care services with emphasis on community health.
  • To organize people, especially the women and the youths , to take initiative for their own development.
  • To motivate people for judicious utilization of local resources.
  • To provide and arrange need based training to the rural- folk, men and women to upgrade their knowledge and improve their skill to become socio-economically self-reliant.
  • To take action against food pollution and hammering the power of nature through proper utilization of renewable energy.
  • To emphasis the need for education as the first step to fight against poverty.
  • To work for the sustainable development of the people through participatory process.
  • For achieving the objectives of the organization, strategy is to motivate the community people towards integrated development.

The time is precious and we have been trying to use time adequately to enhance development work for organic farming.
We have build up in infrastructure kept qualified persons in administration, accounts and project.
But financial constraint is encroaching us tight enough to undertake program and maintain the organization initially with the assistance
from the benevolent people within our circle, we would do or are still doing a bit for the helpless and weaker sections.