Baliraja Vegetables

We need not inform you about the high amount of nutrients that the consumption of vegetable awards to our body. But are you aware of the fact that probably the nutrition value of your inorganic vegetables might just be below average? Yes! You read it right. Buying inorganically grown vegetables also awards you with the pesticides and chemical substances that cause ailments and form obstacles in the natural growth of the body.

Buying organic vegetables online would assure you that the vegetables abide to provide your requirements in terms of nutrition. Balraja is one junction that would meet your organic vegetable requirement well in time and at one place.


Our company secures the quality of the vegetables that are provided through the portal and also makes provisions to timely delivery. You can opt for seasonal veggies or ones available all season, all you need to do is make several clicks of your choice. Buying vegetables from the market can not only become tedious but also dangerous owing to the heavy use of chemicals, and hi-breed vegetables disguised as normal ones. Hence, do not play with your health, and buy fresh & organic vegetables online.

Buying organic vegetables online with us would not only save your time but also save you from this elongated process of picking the best ones. Our quality experts make sure that whatever reaches your home is checked thoroughly and not just compared with colours and textures. We testament all the vegetables that come to our junction before making it available to you.

You can buy all types of Orgnic vegetables here.

  • Organic Basil Leaves (Tulsi Patta/Tulas Paan)
  • Beet
  • Bitter Gourd(Karela)
  • Bottle Gourd(Dudhi)
  • Brinjal(Vangi)
  • Cabbage(Patta Cobi)
  • Capsicum Green(Shmla Mirch)
  • CarrotOrange(Gajar)
  • Chilli Green(HAri Mirch)
  • Cluster been (Gavar)
  • Drumsticks(Shevga sheng)
  • Fenugreen leaves(Methi)
  • Garlic(Lasun)
  • Ginger(ale)
  • Lady Finger(Bhend)
  • Onion(Kanda)
  • Potato(batata)
  • Spinach(Palak)
  • Tomato